A Convenient Back Relief Solution for Busy Moms

How do you deal with a searing back ache with two toddler kids, an entire household with pets and an online store to run? That has been the question in my head for the past months. I have tried every kind of back pain relief at home including hot packs, thermal pads and even a hot towel soaked in boiling water but aside from blisters and temporary relief, I got nothing but worsening back pain.

Back Pain
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While managing my online jewelry store, I browsed endless pages regarding back pain relief, and upon reading a couple of articles about Far Infrared Ray heat therapy and how it effectively cures back pain because of the deep penetrating therapeutic heat, I decided to try it. I bought a low-compression Neoprene back wrap from FIRheat.com because it has all the specs I am looking for: lightweight, wearable while moving, and it has a controller that allows me to adjust the heat settings so I don’t have to worry about burning my skin. I was certain it is the best among all back pain relief products that I browsed because it has the most safety and relief features that any mom would go for. When it finally arrived from the mail, I immediately wrapped it around my waist, set the temperature to Medium heat and hoped that this will finally eliminate my pain. After a minute or so, I already felt the gentle heat run through my back, and it made me relax so much I already forgot about the pain—which is subsiding of course. When I sleep I usually feel the pain, but after using the FIRheat back wrap, I just felt little pangs of pinching sensations. After a couple of weeks of using it, the pain is going away.

Whenever I carry my children, I no longer feel as if there’s someone kicking my lower back. I can even carry both at once and play a game of airplane with them. I wear my FIRheat back wrap when I do laundry, clean the kitchen, cook meals, tend to my kids, and during the 3 hours of going online to check on my store every day. I can use it as long as I want because it heats evenly and produce no electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). It has been making my life easier since it arrived on my doorstep, and I would definitely recommend this convenient and easy-to-use back pain relief to all hardworking moms out there!

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