About FIRheat

FIRheat is the leading innovator of Far Infrared Ray Heat Therapy products.  We are dedicated to providing high quality, innovative, efficient and affordable Far Infrared Technology to soothe pain and offer relief.  We make only the best quality heat therapy wraps designed by the most trusted people in the thermal clothing industry.
FIRheat’s main office is located at 5932 Bolsa Avenue, #103 Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA which can be reached at 1-877-518-4788 or sales@firheat.com. It was conceptualized with the main goal of providing a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical pain relief system to address the pain epidemic with breakthrough technology and innovative design.

FIRheat only employs the best workers at its main manufacturing facility.  Our factory is equipped with advanced production and testing equipments for efficient Research and Development.  Because of this, you can be assured that only products of superior quality are created.

Designed only by the best people in the thermal clothing industry and made using state of the art technology, you can be assured that FIRheat therapy products are high quality and outfitted with precautionary features.
Each heat therapy wrap is low voltage and emits virtually no electromagnetic wave frequencies that are harmful to the health.  The carbon-fiber heating element produces even heat with no hot-spots, making it safe and burn-free.  It is made of Neoprene with Fleece lining which makes it efficient in trapping heat for a soothing therapy session.

FIRheat therapy wraps recreate the Far Infrared Rays produced by the sun to safely elevate the body’s temperature, improve blood circulation and promote healing at a cellular level.  The therapy wraps are form-fitting and offers deep penetrating heat for targeted pain relief.
FIRheat is constantly developing Far Infrared Ray heat therapy technology to address and better suit the needs of the growing number of people in pain.

How can FIRheat improve your well-being and lifestyle?
Pain can stop you from engaging into all sorts of activities and doing what you have to.  Live that active lifestyle you have always dreamed of by trying our FIRheat products.  Each Far Infrared Ray heat therapy wrap offers deep penetrating heat, treating pain from its source, providing maximum comfort and pain relief.
Try out for a baseball or basketball team, enroll in dance lessons and take part in different activities.  All these are possible because with FIRheat, pain is not an option.
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