Meditation, an effective antidote for stress

Meditation is known to be an effective anxiety management exercise. With the correct mind set and technique, it can help the body relax and release stress. This method is favorable for people who cannot go to sleep and suffering from twitchy body syndrome. Lying down on your back, do a psyhcological scan of your entire body. Begin at your toes and work your way up to the front side of your body then down your back. Once you have identified the muscles and places where you are feeling most strained, do a full body contraction.

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Take a deep breath and contract all the muscles you have just scanned from your toes to your neck. At this point, you should be squeezing everything so hard that your legs and head are off the grond. Hold this for 1 to 2 breaths and exhale, releasing everything. Picture your entire body relaxind and sinking on the floor.

Now do another body scan and compare how you are feeling. If there is still some strain in your body, take deep breaths until you feel relaxed. You will experience a deep sense of comfort, softness or heaviness often accompanied by a warm sinking feeling - like your body is preparing to liquidize and combine with whatever you are lying on. At this point, you are prepared for relaxation and sleep.

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